What is Evergreen Content?

The secret weapon in content marketing

Evergreen plants stay green, and grow new leaves throughout the year. They keep growing, regardless of whether it's scorching hot in the summer, or freeze-your-face-off cold in the winter.

In a similar manner, evergreen content keeps growing new business opportunities for you throughout the year. A great article can generate new inbound leads for years to come - if you know how to do it right!

Thinking about content marketing, you might instantly think about viral effects. It's a common misconception. The truth is that going viral is usually a quick, one-off win type of situation. It might not help you achieve your sales goals in the long-term.

For sustainable businesses aiming to keep growing in terms of influence and sales, evergreen content is the way to go.

The most special thing about evergreen content is that new people keep visiting it. Those that already read it keep coming back to it, and referring it to their friends. Why is that?

It's quite simple, at least in theory. Every business case is different, and sometimes it will be harder to create great content. The key idea here is to give value in every article. Think about the readers:

  1. Are people going to enjoy reading this article?
  2. Is everything in the article 100% true, and factually correct?
  3. Is the article adding anything new, compared to other articles regarding the same topic?

Evergreen content takes hard work to create, and patience until it starts working. But once your reach a critical mass of evergreen content on your blog, you are almost guaranteed to have a steady stream of inbound leads.

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