Content Marketing Basics

You probably know a lot already - but you haven't heard my personal take on content marketing.

Content Marketing takes hard work, and a lot of patience

Patience is the one key element that many people often forget about. It's not just in content marketing, it could probably be applied to all sorts of marketing processes, as well as product development, sales management, or other key processes.

When the stakes are high, stress can get overwhelming, which causes some of us to abandon well thought-out strategies and plans much too early to even be able to gauge the results.

Whenever that happens, marketing gods (if such exist) start to cry bitter tears over our impatience. The hard-to-swallow content marketing pill is that content won't save your business. One article won't generate a hundred leads overnight.

There is simply too much content generated online every single second. It takes time before search engines reach your new article. It can take months, or even years, for that article to climb up to a decent position in search engine results.

There's the age-old question of quality, or quantity? Well, in content marketing, you need both. You need to create a lot of content to even be able to compete with the mass of other articles that your competition has written.

And you need all of your articles to be quality, informative, and well-written. It's the only way to gain trust every time that somebody reads your blog.

Stick to the fundamentals - they never fail

Constantly re-working your strategy, and fixing your content marketing process is a surefire way to fail.

It takes good, old-fashioned grit to generate leads with content. Stop creating roadblocks for yourself. Entrust content creation and promotion to a specialist. I will make sure that your inbound marketing engine keeps on running.

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