Slavic Hemingway

or 'The Realistic Marketer and the Internet'

My name is Michal Slupski

My first job ever was daytrading in a proprietary trading office. I traded stocks daily with somebody else's money, which eventually made me realise that I want to do creative things instead of chasing profit by any means necessary.

You know - do something that matters, earn skills that I could use to help other people, that kind of idealistic, Millennial mumbo-jumbo.

From there I went to work as a marketing coordinator at a college radio, which then led me to my first content marketing job at a real start-up.

After almost two years of writing weekly articles, promoting them, and optimizing the inbound marketing funnel, I moved on.

Enter Slavingway. I became a freelance content marketer because I need the freedom that self-employment guarantees, plus it's much more exciting to be able to work on multiple projects instead of going to the same office everyday.

I love life, and I love what I do. I'm passionate about online marketing, and I'm always working hard to satisfy my clients and get better at what I do.

Simplicity and Experiments

Even though I know how to write the perfect, generic marketing article, I prefer to experiment at least a little bit whenever it's possible.

The internet is so crowded, and so much content is being generated every day, that it's impossible to stand out if your content is generic.

There are countless company blogs out there that are lifeless, and... kind of pointless. They look bad, they're poorly written, they're not promoted at all, and they simply don't serve the purpose that a blog is supposed to serve.

I'm here to fix that. If your blog has become full of stale content, or you've started a blog but don't know what to do next, or you don't even have a blog yet but want to — Slavingway can help you boost your business with smart content marketing and inbound lead generation.

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