We supply crucial information, you avoid deadly roadblocks in product development.

Simplifying technological product development. Why? Start-ups and technology companies often implement innovative ideas without researching them properly, which leads to unforeseen productional obstacles that could've been avoided with thorough research.

Can your product actually be built? Or are you going to spend months implementing something that will end-up in the “failed implementations” log? Misinformation is best to be avoided at all costs. If you don't have time for solid research, we're here to tell you all you need to know about your future product.

Get informed with Slavingway's professional Product Research Service.
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Slavingway Product Research Package includes:

  • Key conclusions from scientific papers relevant to your product
  • All crucial information we can find online about:
    • Competitors (simple competitor analysis based on data)
    • Marketing inspirations (based on potential competitors and unique Slavingway insights)
    • Creator insights (if someone tried to build a product like yours, we'll tell you)
    • Open-source insights (significantly lower production costs using ready-made, free and open solutions)
  • Bespoke suggestions for developing your product based on found data and our expertise.
All outlined in easy-to-digest format in PDF, with the goal to help you implement new product ideas at the lowest. Cost. Possible.

Slavingway Product Research costs 5,000 USD, paid upfront.

We guarantee to get you the most relevant information, along with crucial insights and scientific data to help you lower costs of product development. Our thinking is that you should have enough cash to pay us upfront for the service, otherwise you're not taking your product as seriously as we take our job. You can check our credentials on LinkedIn:
If you want to avoid obstacles in product development the easiest way possible, Slavingway's Product Research is your bet. And if you're not satisfied with the package you get, we'll get you your money back. Simple as that.
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