Basic content marketing requires a decent strategy, evergreen content, and some patience

Content is king? As long as it's evergreen!

Have you ever wondered why content marketing is so powerful? It's because your content doesn't have to go viral - heck, it doesn't even need to be popular at all - to generate qualified leads for your business.

Strategy + evergreen content + patience = content marketing success. I can mainly provide you with the middle part, I might be able to help you with strategy, but patience? You'll have to work it out yourself.

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What is Evergreen Content?

When you ask Google to define the adjective 'evergreen', uncle Google will tell you that it's:

Relating to or denoting a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year.

Marketers and SEOs have adopted the word 'evergreen' to describe content that continuously generates leads for years after it is published. But that's not the only reason why evergreen content is so special.

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Evergreen Content is King because it generates sustainable long-term results


Am I overselling my content creation skills? See for yourself.

Personal article I wrote inspired by Ted Nelson and Steve Wozniak.


Quora answer I wrote back in 2016, a bit cliche, but it got decent views and upvotes.


Article co-written and redacted for Sheetsu, an innovative start-up based in Wroclaw.

Basic content marketing requires a decent strategy, evergreen content, and some patience

Slavingway = Slavic Hemingway

I know that comparing myself to Hemingway isn't the best way to promote my writing skills, as well as my professionalism given that Hemingway was a grade-A alcoholic.

My version of "The Old Man and the Sea" would have to be "The Realistic Marketer and the Internet". I don't believe in things that can't be proven with numbers or facts, and I stick to strategies that work.

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