Email Marketing


Slavingway is Michał Słupski.

I'm a passionate musician whose life is mostly about bringing joy to people through playing drums. I once wanted my day job to be in finance, so I studied for 2 years and spent another one working at a proprietary trading office. But finance didn't stick with me. 

Ultimately I found my second calling elsewhere — in online marketing. At first I wanted to know how to promote music, but as I went into the startup world I realised that just like music is art, so is marketing.

My journey began at a tiny radio ran by college students. Receiving the prestigious title of “Marketing Manager”, I got to work trying to find an edge over the competition — something that no other online radio had. This led me to doing several podcasts about local technological companies, which ultimately landed me my first job at a real startup where I got to build my first serious online marketing project.

I got to work at another popular local startup after that, but ultimately I've decided to go my own way. Enter Slavingway.

As Slavingway I offer a suite of services, but all of them have one ultimate goal — to get you more customers. I can do it through great content on your blog, informative scientific research that will help you develop your product, or a highly converting email marketing campaign.


You don't have to be too official when contacting Slavingway, I'm not a stone-cold slav. I can't wait to hear what you have to say! BTW, did you know that there are Giant Otters? GIANT! When a friend told me about them I was blown away. Check them out, it's a true wonder of nature

Also, a while ago I found this and I'm not sure what to think of it. Maybe you can tell me.

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