Slavingway - Michal Slupski - Content Marketing

what can I do for you?

-build a fast, minimalistic, static, GDPR-compliant, SEO-powered website or landing page-

-create artistic, conversational, and research-backed evergreen content-

-write converting emails for outreach (content promotion, newsletter emails, sales outreach, etc)-

-write scenarios for YouTube / Vimeo / Facebook videos, video ads, or long-form video-

-supply original, attention-grabbing music for your videos-

What do you need? Let me know -> message me on Linkedin, or email me at

I'm currently also interested in an entry-level web development position at a tech startup, or software house.


Most of the experience I have is in online marketing for tech start-ups.

In my marketing approach, I put art and humanism first. For some people, data may be the all-important business ingredient in this day and age, but if you ask me, that's true only for huge internet companies like Google, Amazon or Facebook.

Start-ups and medium-sized businesses shouldn't be 100% data-driven, because they don't generate enough meaningful data. Companies that aren't internet giants should focus on their customers - on communicating with them, and truly helping them.

That's where I come in - I can improve the way you communicate with customers online by implementing world-class content marketing practices. I focus on evergreen content, audience-building and marketing funnel alignment. I use open-source tools to reduce overall costs for me, and my clients.

I believe that a long-term, sustainable approach to marketing and business is the only reasonable approach today.

My main skills are:

content marketing

cost reduction

lead generation

web development

business optimization


Bernard Purdie tribute page for FreeCodeCamp
First FreeCodeCamp Site

First site I ever created (thanks to freeCodeCamp) - link.

Black Moon music club site
Music Club Website

Site that I'm working on for a friend who runs a club - link.

promo article written by me and promoted on hackernoon
App Promo Article

Example marketing article, I wrote for my brother's app - link.

Industrial Polish Company Website Tethys Made By Michal Slupski Slavingway
Industrial Company Website

Website made for established industrial company - link.

Personal article about Xanadu, Steve Wozniak and the slow death of the old tech world
Article about Xanadu

An article that I wrote inspired by Ted Nelson, the creator of Xanadu - link.

Example article written for tech startup by Slavingway
Article for a Startup Client

One of the many articles I've created for tech startups - link.